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Monday, August 22, 2016

Transferred Again!

Hey Mom!

Yep I'm getting transferred! I'm honestly really bummed, but super excited at the same time. It'll be definitely a change! I'm going to leave this Wednesday to go to the Norfolk 1st ward. Believe it or not, Norfolk is pronounced Nor-fick. Or Nah-fick. Whichever one is easier! You can tell how long someone has lived there by how they say it. My new address is 6490 Crescent Way Apt 211, Norfolk, VA 23513. I am going to be the District Leader up there as well, so we'll see  how this goes! I hear Norfolk is awesome! My ward covers the downtown area so it'll be a little sketchy (in some parts I'm told) but I'm so excited. I have a bike full time so that'll be a lot different too! Currituck is like the middle of nowhere, so it'll be a huge change! My new companion is Elder Horton. All I know about him is he came out around December of last year! So he's newer than me. Then again, I've been out for almost a year now so that's not that hard any more haha! 

I loved serving here in Currituck. There are so many people I'm going to miss! Especially the Green's They are doing awesome right now though! i told them that I was leaving and all the kids swarmed me and wouldn't let me go haha. It was so cute! We are going to teach them tonight, so I'll get one last picture with them before I go! I don't have one to send home yet. Joshua (the dad) is going to be ordained a priest next week, so I'm bummed I'll miss that.But it's alright! The Lord needs me in Norfolk. I'm going to miss so many of the members too! I love them all so much. This will definitely be an area I need to come back to and visit. Currituck will always be a special place to me. 

That's so crazy that Jordan is serving in a group! I thought a branch was small haha! I went to a group on Fort Eustice up in Newport News, but that wasn't full time. So that's so cool for him! Me and him talk back and forth a bit some Mondays! 

We had a pretty crazy week this week! I went on two sepreate exchanges with Elders in my district from nags head. Both of them were pretty great! I'll be sad to leave this district! My next district is a lot bigger than this one, but it'll be fun! President and Sister Weed came to my last district meeting so that was pretty crazy. Hopefully I left a good impression. Apparently I did cause I'm still a district leader! Or I didn't and that's why I'm here cause I still have something to learn. Either one will work haha! 

We met a really cool potential investigator named Yvonne! A member of the branch invited her to church and we had dinner with them a couple of days ago. She is really interested in learning, so the missionaries will have some great lessons there. It all started because of the members inviting her! Those are the best investigators. 

Sammy will have a great year! I can't believe he's already a senior... Weird. 

Not much else to write about this week! I got a few pictures. My ponderizing scripture this week is in D&C 19:29 "And thou shalt declare glad tidings, yea, publish it upon the mountains, and upon every high place, and among every people that thou shalt be permitted to see." I'm excited to move onto a new area and declare the gospel to them as well as here. I want to declare it to everyone I see! I know it's true. 

I hope you have a great week Mom! I love you so much.


Elder Collier

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