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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Working With Members

Hey Mom!

The snow did melt. Like very quickly! It was all gone by Tuesday! And then yesterday and today it hit 65 degrees. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND VIRGINIA WEATHER! It changes all the time! Apparently we're supposed to get a thunderstorm and then more snow later this week... All I know is that I'm wearing short sleeves right now! It feels so nice outside. 

Finding people to teach is another story... Since I have been here we have found 2 investigators... and we have dropped one of them. But the three investigators that we are teaching right now are doing super well. We have plans to have lessons in member's homes with all of them and I'm super excited! There is something very special about having a lesson in a member home. I have so many experiences with that. But we have been working with the members more and more! We had stake conference yesterday, and Elder Arnold (the same general authority that toured our mission) was there. President and Sister Baker also spoke. He's our mission president. At the adult session something that they were stressing was the use of members in missionary work. Members are so important in all aspects of missionary work! The numbers prove it. On average, 1/60 investigators that our found by missionaries (and these are people that become investigators and have been taught at least one lesson) is baptized. 1/6 investigators found by a member is baptized! It is just so much more likely for people to be baptized through working with members!

Lately we have seen a couple miracles come from working with members of the ward! We have decided to teach short lessons to active members to invite the spirit into their home, and then to ask for referrals! We haven't seen anything come from it yet, but we have seen people be more interested in getting referrals for us, and people have offered their homes to teach investigators! We set specific goals for these members to talk with their friends and neighbors and then we will follow up with them to see if they did what they said! I know that as we keep working with members that good things will come from it! We definitely still try to find people on our own, but when they come from members they are just so much more prepared. 2 of our investigators right now have come from members! And the other one is good friends with members, we just happened to find him first!

One of our investigators is just doing super well! We meet with him twice a week, and we see him at church and on Wednesdays we also teach a Book of Mormon study class at the church, and he comes to that! The last time we were there, we asked him how he would explain the Restoration to his friends, and then he got up and did like his own role play with us of him being a missionary! It was so cool! He really loves going to church, and he has said that he wants to be baptized... he just doesn't know when. He is so close and I know that as we get the ward more involved that we will start to see more and more progress! 

I got sick this week, so of course I just did everything as normal. I had a small cold but that went away! Only had a fever for a little bit one night,but it broke the next morning, so I never had to stay inside! I think it turned into the croup though. My voice is just gone, so nothing that will keep me from being a missionary. I feel fine!

I can't believe that you are going through everything in that house! I wish I could be there to help out. There are so many memories there! They had so much china... haha! I'm glad that all those people have come over to help though. That is so nice of them! 

So there are only 7 wards in the stake... that's so strange. Although it's even stranger to think that Lacamas Creek ward is in our stake now! I'm so happy for Uncle Kevin! I know he will do such a great job!

Thank you for sharing what President Rushing said in sacrament meeting. That really gives me confidence that I'm doing the right thing. I always wanted to set a good example and sometimes it seemed like it was overlooked. But people do notice! They notice everything you do. Mom, people really do notice everything you do! Thank you for being my Mother. You and Dad have raised us strong in the gospel and I know it is because of the two of you that I am able to be out here. Thank you so much!

A scripture that I want to focus on this week is Mosiah 5:15. " 15 Therefore, would that ye should be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good worksthat  Christ, the Lord God Omnipotentmay seal you his, that you maybe brought to heaven, that ye may have  everlasting salvation and eternal life, through the wisdom, and power,and justice, and mercy of him who  created all things, in heaven and in earth, who is God above all. Amen."
I know that as we are steadfast and immovable, we will have the Spirit of God with us always. Being steadfast and setting that example is really what people notice. And that promise in the scripture is real. We may have everlasting salvation and eternal life! It is there for us! It is real! As long as we keep doing our best then we can make it there. 

Thank you so much for your example Mom, and for all that you do for me! I love you so much! I hope you have a great week and that you can get everything figured out with Grandma and Grandpa's house! 

Love, your son,
Elder Collier

PS- I was told by some missionaries today that someone who lives up in New Kent, Virginia (or at least goes to the New Kent branch) is related to me somehow? His last name is Christofferson and what they said was that he is related to Doty's! Do you know who that would be?

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