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Send Jonny a letter!!

Elder Jonathan Collier
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Monday, February 22, 2016

What A Great Week!

Hey Mom!

I'm going to be honest, it feels exactly the same being 19 as it did being 18! haha! We were at dinner with one of the members and she said, "I remember when I was 19... I just couldn't wait to turn 20." And then her husband said, "Honey, we're trying to make him excited for his birthday!" That was pretty funny. I love this ward so much! 

My birthday was really good. Thank you so much for the package and all the different things! I was on an exchange with my district leader, February 18th, to the 19th, so when we exchanged back we had a little party with the cake and my presents! Plus the ward found out it was my birthday so at dinner that night we had a birthday cake! And I have just gotten so many sweets... I'll send a picture. It's ridiculous how many there are! We have caramel apples, cinnamon rolls, cake, more cake, a gallon of chocolate milk, and a ton of milky ways! The ward was just so kind and loving and it was really awesome. But what was even better about that day was that we were able to go out and teach a few lessons. They were both less-active members and I just love being able to help them out whenever I can. 

Sister Moon is the one that texted you! She's our Ward Mission Leader's wife. They have a son on a mission too, so I think she knows how you feel! They are the best.

I did get my bike fixed! the only thing that was broken was the rear derailleur hanger. So I had to by a part and then they put it on for me. It works great! I love having my bike back. Although I fell off of it again last night... haha! It started raining during one of our lessons, so I came out without a jacket in the rain! after riding for just a little bit, my white shirt was covered in mud and dirt, but we were still pretty far away from our apartment! So we kept going and I tried to go up a curb, but I was going to fast and my bike slipped and I fell and rolled on the cement and then through the muddy grass... haha! So my white shirt was pretty much brown on the back. I rolled a few times and ended up sitting down.  I just kinda sat there for a few seconds and got up and kept going haha! Luckily my white shirt is okay! I washed it and it all came out! My tie has a  little mud spot so I'll have to take that and get it cleaned. It was a pretty eventful Sunday night!

We also had 3 investigators at church yesterday! 3! That was the most the Poquoson has had in 18 months at least. the work is really starting to pick up here and I love it. The three investigators are Matt, Ted, and Daniel. They, Matt and Ted are both dating members of the church, and Daniel is Ted's girlfriend Shannon's son. I love working with all of them. They have not wanted to set baptismal dates yet, but it's getting there! We also are meeting with a guy that we met tracting who is a senior in high school and knows a few members of the ward! And we got a text this morning from a member saying that her friend wants to meet with missionaries! The work is really starting to pick up and I know it's because we've been diligent. Just keep working hard and the blessing really do come. I know it! Our Heavenly Father wants to bless us, and we just have to be patient and do what He asks! 

I hope you get everything figured out with Grandma and Grandpa's house. They have always had a lot of stuff. It's really going to be weird to see it empty. It would be weird to see what it  looks like now! 

I did not hear about that happening in Pittsburg! Jordan never tells me anything... haha! I email him and he says I never email him! But I bet that was a very spiritual experience for him. 

My ponderizing scripture for this week is Romans 8:38-39 "For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." I know that the love of God is real. He knows us perfectly. Nothing will ever take that love away from us. His love is always there! This gospel is so true and I love being a missionary.

Thank you so much Mom for everything! You have done such a good job raising 4 boys. I am forever grateful to have been placed in such an awesome family. Don't work yourself too hard! I am always so amazed at how much you put into everything you do. I hope that the choir is going well, that you can get the house all cleaned, and that you can do well in magnifying your calling. I know you will do a great job at everything just like you always do. I love you!

I hope you have an amazing week, and I will talk to you soon!

Love, Your son,
Elder Collier

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