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Monday, February 15, 2016

Go and Do!

Hey Mom!

I can't believe my birthday is this week! I've gotten a few letters that I haven't been allowed to open until Friday, so I guess I can wait with the package too... haha! It'll be a good day. I'm excited! 

I have not been able to have a chance to take my bike to a shop yet... we were going to do it today,and then it snowed! So we are going to do it tomorrow! I hope they can do it. I like that bike! 

And  you're going to do such a good job in your new calling! I'm so excited for you. Don't be nervous! 

Oh my gosh this week has been crazy! I felt like so many things happened. The weather for one thing is just out of control... It snowed this morning. Again! It's all going to melt tonight (hopefully) but I can't believe this weather. On Saturday and Sunday it never got above 32 degrees. But it should finally be getting warmer. 

Tuesday we picked up a former investigator who is just a little bit on the crazy side... He started telling us about this vision that he had and we're pretty sure he was drunk... but other than that we have a scheduled lesson with him! So next time when we go in I hope it goes a little bit better. We biked 22 miles on Tuesday... It was a long day! I'm still using a borrowed bike from a family in the ward.

Matt and Ted are our same two investigators that our doing really well. We met with both of them this week (Ted twice). But they still don't want to set a baptismal date... We're working on it. They come to church and love it. And they love meeting with us. But both just want to make sure that they are ready which is good. It'll take some time but eventually we will get there. 

On Saturday, we had no scheduled lessons going into that day. Nothing. We honestly had no idea what to do! We made some calls earlier in the day to try and set up lessons, but they all either were busy or we left a voicemail. So we were at a loss. But I decided to just be like Nephi and "Go and do." So that's what we did, we Went and Did. We stopped by potentials, formers, less actives, and active members, and when we couldn't have a lesson, we would knock on doors. That is what we did all day. By 3:00 we hadn't gotten inside at all and I was feeling really discouraged. It was freezing cold outside, the wind was blowing, and no one would let us in. But we just kept going. By 5:00 it was getting colder and we just kept plugging along. But as I looked back on the day, we had so many tender mercies given to us. We didn't teach any lessons, or even get any phone numbers by that time, but a member and called us back and said she would be willing to give us haircuts on Monday, a man we talked to who wasn't interested gave us water, and a family that we talked to that wasn't too interested (but they have potential) gave us handwarmers! The Lord was definitely looking out for us this day. We kept going and finally one of our investigators, Ted, called us back and we had a lesson with him that night! And then we contacted and talked to a not interested Less-Active, but at least we talked to him for a while and established a good relationship. I look back on that day and I remember how hard it was, but when I look back on it now and I think of all the good that came from it. It was a good day.

I learned a lot from Saturday and I have a new found desire to just go out and do what I'm supposed to. 1 Nephi 3:7 has a new meaning for me now that I feel like I have personally experienced it. I also wanted to focus on Ether 12:6 this week because I feel like it applies as well."And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith."  Saturday seemed to be a trial of faith for me and now I have gained the experienced which leads to increased faith in Christ. Neil L. Andersen also gave a great talk in October 2012 about faith. Faith leads to trials of faith, which lead to increased faith. I know that when we have our faith tested, it will always lead to increased faith in the end. I know that our Heavenly Father watches out for us. I know that He knows our situations. He loves us so much! 

Thank you for your love and support every week! I'm excited to see what comes in the mail. I love you so much. Good luck with Solo and Ensemble preparation! 

Have a great week Mom!


Elder Collier

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