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Monday, August 14, 2017

Back to a Duo!

Hey Mom!!

So this past week was super fun. Being in a trio is just super fun every single day! We just had a blast being together all three of us. I think the hardest part is that sometimes it's a bit harder to stay serious sometimes... but it worked out! Elder Oldroyd and I are now going to have to learn how to work with just the two of us! haha! Elder Gardner is going to the mission home today and then going to fly home tomorrow. It's soooo weird cause I was in the MTC with him, so it's starting to hit me pretty hard that my time is coming up. But it'll all be okay. 

This past week was honestly a blast though. Elder Gardner worked hard until the very end, and that was just great. We continued to find new investigators, and we taught a few people this week as well! It was just a good all around effort this week. Honestly, I think I'm just a little nervous to keep the work up how he did. He was honestly so great, one of the best missionary's that I've been able to work with. I hope that I can help keep things up in the ward! Although the ward doesn't seem to need any help with that. The Lightfoot ward is just awesome. They are missionary minded, and i'm pretty sure we're going to see a lot of new investigators start to come from the members pretty soon! And if not, at least they'll start extending more invitations! that's the most important part. 

This past week seemed to fly by, I can't think of anything too specific... We did start teaching this couple! They've got three young kids, and the husband's brother got baptized into the church a few years ago! They have been super fun to meet with. They are really intrigued by everything, but are definitely hesitant to make any solid commitments. But, in they're prayer last night, they thanked Heavenly Father for us coming over to "teach them a better way of life." It was really cool! There are prepared people out there! We just have to find them. 

One thing that's great about a companion going home is that all the members want to have you over! So we were able to meet with a ton of the solid missionary-minded families in our ward! It's been super fun to do that! We've started to practice scenarios with them and it gets super funny. I just love this ward so much. 

We saw our investigator Bob again, and he's a super knowledgeable guy. He just can't get past the Apostasy. But he really just wants to find out if the Restoration is true, because he knows that if it's true, then he has to believe it! It's just hard to get our lessons focused sometimes, but it's good. If he just starts to really study the Book of Mormon, he'll find out that it's true. That's what I did! 

My ponderizing scripture this week is D&C 97:8 "Verily I say unto you, all among them who know their hearts are honest, and are broken, and their spirits contrite, and are willing to observe their covenants by sacrifice—yea, every sacrifice which I, the Lord, shall command—they are accepted of me." This is a sweet promise from the Lord to us. All He asks is that we be willing to keep our covenants, and to sacrifice, and he promises us that if we are willing, that we are accepted of Him. I believe that is true! This is definitely His work that we are apart of! 

Anyway, things are going great here! It sounds like things are pretty crazy for y'all! I'm glad that you are staying busy that's for sure! And thanks for that insight about Zion's camp too! 

I love you so much Mom! Time won't slow down! Have a great one, I'll talk to you next week!

Love you,

Elder Collier

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