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Monday, April 17, 2017

General Conference and #princeofpeace

Hey Mom!

Yeah I got the Debit cards you sent! The first one worked so I'm not sure why they sent another one... Am I good to cut that one up too? 

I'm super happy to stay in New Bern! Transfers are a hassle sometimes haha! I'm just glad I get to stay with Elder Shill and in this zone. Most of our zone stayed the same too so that's super good because we get to keep working with them all! 

General Conference was SO GOOD this time! I mean, it's really good every time, but there were just so many good talks this time around. Some of my favorites were by Elder Rasband, and a member of the Seventy, Elder Palmer gave a great one that I just loved. And Elder Cook's talk was super good too! But there were a ton of other really good ones too. I got so many answers to questions. But what Elder Rasband said about acting on the first prompting has really stuck with me and I definitely need to do that better! What were some of your favorite talks?

I'm guess that Harrison and Jenni will have a boy! 

And that's so cool that Carson got his mission call! 

So this week was pretty good. I'm glad that Elder Shill and I are staying together because we just seem to work really together. I'm a little upset that we aren't really teaching anyone at all because I feel like we would work super well in those lessons, but that's okay! Finding I guess is something that I need to work on right now because we have had very few investigators. 

On thursday we had some extra miles left in the month so we just drove around and contacted everyone that we had met to invite them to watch General Conference! I'm not sure how much good it did, but it was fun to just testify of living Apostles and a living Prophet on the Earth! We seriously have the greatest message in the entire world. It's all true!

Friday was a super tough day but I had a super cool experience that I want to share. We were having a super tough day on Friday. Appointment after appointment fell though, and all throughout the week up until friday had been the same. I was feeling super discouraged... We had just gotten dropped by the investigators that we found that we thought were super solid and that was just heartbreaking. I feel like I truly love these people so it just pains me to see them no longer interested in the Gospel. Because I just KNOW how much it will help them. But anyway, all through out that day people weren't interested, appointments fell through, and people telling us to not come back. Elder Shill and I decided to go watch the new Easter video that came out (which if you haven't watched it yet, please watch it because it's very good). It really just made me appreciate all that the Savior did for us. Elder Shill said that we needed to tell everyone about it, so we went to the downtown of New Bern and it was really busy on a Friday night at about 8! We were able to talk to a lot of people. But in my head, I really just didn't want to do it, because with all the rejection we had faced I was honestly kinda scared which definitely isn't like me anymore. (now after President Uchtdorf's talk I know where those feelings were coming from). But even through out the whole hour we were there, Elder Shill would start a conversation and people would be happy and take the card, and I would try to talk with someone and they wouldn't be interested and would tell us to go away. It was getting to me pretty bad! But I knew we needed to stay there. So I just kept trying. And finally at about 8:50, I tried one more time (even though every other person had rejected) and they were SUPER cool. We started talking and we found out that they had actually been investigators a few months ago and the missionaries stopped going by! It was definitely a blessing of perseverance. Now I know for sure that Diligence Brings blessings. It was super cool! And if you haven't seen the new video please go watch it! 

My ponderizing scripture this week goes along with General Conference! It's D&C 1:38 "What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and thought he heavens and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same." I know that we can receive revelation through the inspiring messages in General Conference! 

But I think that's about it for this week! We are still trying to find new investigators... so we're pressing forward! I'm just grateful I know whom I serve. Jesus Christ stands at the head of this Church with Living Prophets and Apostles on the earth today. Jesus Christ is King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace. 

I love you so much mom! I hope you enjoy your time in Utah with everyone! Have a fantastic week this week! Also thank you for letting me know about Grandma. She is in my prayers every night, along with all of y'all. 

The church is true!

I love you...

Elder Collier

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