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Monday, February 27, 2017

More Miracles!

Hey Mom!

That's so exciting that Zach and Skyla had their baby!! I can't wait to meet her! She looks super cute, and I'm just so happy for them. 

I'm also glad that they burial for Grandpa was good. That's really cool that Seth was able to participate in it. I'm praying for Grandma every day!

So this week... I can't really remember what happened this week! I know we had a Zone Conference... And we went on exchanges with the Assistants afterwards... Yeah that sounds right! The weather just did what it always does! It hit in the 80's two days in a row, then was in the 50's yesterday and now today it's almost 70. We were on bikes this whole week because our zone is out of miles, but we saw miracles come from it. Miracles are everywhere! 

We've been staying local because we are just on bikes and can't go very far, but we've found a few new investigators this week! One was a former investigator that we went to contact and then we pulled weeds for them right there which was super fun! Then the next day we taught a lesson that was pretty good... He's an active member of his church which is super common out here. But we've got another lesson set up with a member coming so that'll be exciting. We also contacting one of our investigators for the first time in weeks and brought a member to a lesson with her! 

I think another great thing this week was that we got to talk with the members of the church more who came to pick us up and take us places. It is awesome to have gospel centered conversations with them in the car. And we have seen a few active members really get excited about sharing the gospel recently! Preach My Gospel is a gold mine for teaching skills for members to use in their own missionary work! So we taught some members about the section "How to Begin Teaching" which is perfect for starting gospel conversations and sharing the gospel because you sincerely love the people you want to share it with! I'm really starting to love helping members share the gospel, because it's all about helping THEM to receive the blessings of missionary work, because we are all entitled to them! 

Elder Shill and I are going to from now on have more of a sense of urgency about our work, even though we don't have many teaching appointments. The thing about deciding to work with the members, is you still have to do ALL you can to find new investigators through your own efforts! We are going to try and actually tract more just to get out and talk to as many people as possible. As our Mission President Says, "Go where the people are!" We've also gone to Downtown New Bern a few times to try and walk around and talk with everyone. It's hard, but pretty fun! 

On Saturday we had a crazy day, we helped a family move and none of their help showed up, so it was us, and the dad of the family. Elder Shill and I had a lot of fun though because we both like puzzles, and that's exactly what it was! No one else knew how to load up a moving truck, but were able to use that space so well! It was a lot of fun, I was just SO tired afterward... haha! 

Recently I've really needed to strengthen my faith to find because it's been tough to do that, so my ponderizing scripture is Alma 13:24 "For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his glory." I always need to remember that people are always being prepared to receive the gospel, and we just never will know who these people are if we don't share it with them and ask if they're ready! But I know that as we share the gospel, We truly do develop love for the people that we serve. I just love my mission so much! And time is just going way too fast. 

Thank you so much Mom! I love you and I hope you have a great week this week! Being 20 doesn't feel any different, it's just cool to tell people haha! 

I love you!! 

Elder Collier

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