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Monday, June 27, 2016

New Mission President This Week!

Hey Mom!!

This week was really great. During the week, Elder Ciminski and I were thinking about it, and we kinda hit a dry spell in teaching lessons and finding new investigators. Besides the Greene's (who are seriously a miracle by the way and are doing fantastic) we had been kinda struggling in teaching! But this week we found three new investigators. We have been tracting a LOT because we haven't had much else to do, but I think it finally paid off. One of the lessons we just taught a guy right on the porch and it only took about 10-15 minutes! That's a short powerful lesson right there. We set a return appointment for this week so hopefully that goes well!

It is so weird that we are getting a new mission president... TODAY! His flight comes in tonight around 7:15 our time. So weird! President and Sister Weed. I'm going to miss President and Sister Baker so much! We had stake conference this past week, and at the adult session, (which we had to drive 90 minutes to get to by the way) all the missionaries in the Stake got up and sang Brightly Beams our Father's Mercy for them. It was so great! they loved it. We are all going to miss them so much. they have done so much for me! But I'm also just super excited to meet President and Sister Weed! It'll be weird at first, but I know that he holds the keys to this mission. That's just how this work is run!

Stake Conference by the way was awesome yesterday! They broadcasted it to Elizabeth City so we only had to drive 30 minutes for the regular session so that was good haha! It was such a good meeting, and the Greene's were there and they loved it! We had a great lesson with them this week about the temple and they are so so excited. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson. I was able to bear my testimony about the blessings of my eternal family, and I just know that we are sealed for time and all eternity. Just another little miracle that strengthened my testimony.  I love being a missionary!

Not a lot else happened this week... I had another district meeting that I thought went pretty well! All the other time was spent away from the trailer and talking with people. Sometimes people are mean, sometimes people are really nice! You never know until you talk with them. We had this one conversation with this guy who at first wasn't really interested, but I pulled out a Book of Mormon Pass along card to just leave with him and that just sparked his interest! It was super cool to see how even within the conversation people can be touched by the Spirit. We'll see where that leads, but at least he has a card and a copy of the Book of Mormon!

Youth Conference sounded like it was a lot of fun! 

And no one told me that Courtney had a baby!! That's so crazy that Grandma and Grandpa are great great grandparents! I hope they have a good time seeing each other. That doesn't happen very often!

Anyway, that's about it for this week. My ponderizing scripture for this week is, "And it came to pass that thus he did go forth in the Spirit, from multitude to multitude, declaring the word of God, even until he had declared it unto them all, or sent it forth among all the people." (Helaman 10:17) I wanted to focus on this one this week because I want to be like Nephi in this verse, going to everyone and declaring the word of God! The Book of Mormon is the word of God and has brought me so much happiness. I love it, and I love reading it every single day. I know it's true!

I hope you have a great week this week! It sounds like summer is going to be great!
I love you so much Mom and I will talk to you soon!

Elder Collier

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