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Send Jonny a letter!!

Elder Jonathan Collier
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Where is the Time going??

Hey Mom!!
I'm doing great! It was seriously so cool to hear about y'alls experience in the Conference Center. That is seriously so amazing! I know that good uplifting music definitely brings the Spirit into any situation. I love music! That sounds like you had a great choir tour! Who knew there were so many fun things to do in Utah right? haha! There's definitely something about being in a dedicated building like that. And I'm glad that you got your card too! Pretty genius that I knew you were in Utah right? haha!
We got to go to Hatteras this week which was so fun! I didn't know it was a national seashore! I can mark that off of National things I've been to haha! But that was so cool! Did you know that they moved the lighthouse in 1999? My camera died right when I got there... but my companion is going to send me the pictures that he took! I'll make sure those get to you! But they moved the lighthouse because the island is constantly eroding so it was super close to the ocean! It almost fell in!

Jonny at Cape Hatteras North Carolina

At Zone Conference

"I was so tired..."

Jonny with his mission president

But after that this week went well. Teaching is down... but we've at least been able to find more potential investigators! We were even struggling with that for a while. But as we've made these sacrifices, I know that these blessings are coming from that! On Wednesday I was on an exchange in my area for the first time all transfer! All of our scheduled lessons fell through... but we saw a miracle that night! We took a couple from our branch out to a lesson with us, but the family wasn't there. AS we were heading back to their house they asked if we had a dinner tonight and we said no, so they offered to go get pizza! As we were heading back they asked if we needed top be anywhere, and I said that they could drop us off in their neighborhood while they went and got the pizzas and then we could meet them back at there house! I didn't want to waste all the time traveling up there. So we went back to their neighborhood and they gave us a referral of one of their friends! We went and stopped by them and we gave them a Book of Mormon and they said that they would be willing to meet with us! It was so cool, and I know it was because we decided to get out and work instead of sit in the car. And afterwards, we had dinner with their family and it was so fun! They have 4 kids and they are all awesome. Plus we had a great discussion about prayer afterwards! It was a good day.
On Friday we had a Specialized Training with the whole Chesapeake Stake missionaries! IT was a lot of fun. We talked about our physical well-being and how that ties in with our spiritual well-being. I learned how to budget better, and we also took this personality test thing that had to do with colors. I was a blue which is motivated by having strong relationships with others! There was also Red  which was power, white which was peace, and yellow which was having fun. It was really cool! After that, we all played Oompa (or flickerball) ((it's basically ultimate frisbee, with a football, on basketball court)) with all the missionaries and President and Sister Baker! It was soooo much fun! after that I was just so excited to go out and work.
Overall it's been a good week this week. WE are having a hard time teaching lessons, but we're going to keep trying. We did have a SWEET lesson yesterday! Our branch mission leader, Jacob (he's only like 22 so that's what we call him) went to Mexico on his mission so he speaks Spanish! And we taught this woman that understands Spanish better than English. IT was a great lesson. We set up another appointment too! She said she would pray about the Book of Mormon. But other than that it has been a little tough to find/keep new investigators. And get them to sacrament meeting. But I know that if we start to work with the members a little bit better then miracles will start to occur. As for right now I've just got to keep pressing forward! My ponderizing scriputre is going to help me do that this week. "Nevertheless, I did look unto my God, and I did praise him all the day long; and I did not murmur against the Lord because of mine afflictions."  (1 Nephi 18:16) After Nephi was tied up by his brothers on a ship he didn't complain! So I'm not going to complain about not having luck with teaching right now. I think we just need to find a new angle. And I know that as I continue to look unto my God, and praise Him, that I will be able to find success.
Thank you for telling me about your week this week! And thanks for the pictures! It looked like a blast! I love you so much and I know that there is no place I'd rather be than Currituck, North Carolina right now. I love it. This is the Lord's work. I know that it is all true!
I love you so much Mom and I'll talk to you soon!
Elder Collier

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