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Send Jonny a letter!!

Elder Jonathan Collier
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Trust in the Lord and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Mom!

I'm glad that trip ended up going really well! I think I may send my iPod home soon. How should I do that? Should I just put it in an envelope or should I get a package? And I think I remember Ellensburg... what year was that?

Tell Linda and all their family that I said Hi! I'm glad to hear that she's done with her radiation. Is she feeling better?

Tell Zach and Skyla that I love them too, and I pray for them. Skyla is so nice, she has sent me two letters recently, and she responds to almost everything in my emails! Tell her I'm sorry I haven't written back, I haven't had a lot of time.

Tuesday was our P-day this week due to the Mission Conference and we were able to go and see the Army Transportation Museum on Fort Eustice! It was really cool. But it is only open on Tuesdays, so this was the only day we could go, and it closes at 4:30 so we barely got any time there! That was kinda disappointing but it is super cool!

We ended up dropping a lot of our investigators because he hadn't seen them in a few weeks, and they wouldn't respond to our calls. So we were down to 3. One of them was the lady we were doing dishes for, and we went back on Wednesday and helped her out again. Her house is just a mess so I just want to help her get it back in order. And she loves us coming by, but she is very set in her beliefs and doesn't want to really make a change. She said she would repay us by coming to church! But then she called us on Saturday and said she wasn't going to go with us.... That made me really sad. But we are still going to go over and help her out again this week. 

I do have a really funny experience! We knocked on a door one day, and no one answered. So we knocked again and this is what we heard from the outside:

Little Boy: Mommy someone is at the door!
Mom: Tell them to go away!
Little Boy: What is going away? What does that mean?
Mom: It means that I want them to leave.
Little Boy: But they are our neighbors!
Mom: I don't care I want them to leave!
Little Boy: That's mean and hateful mommy!
Mom: How is that mean and hateful?
Little Boy: You should apologize.
Mom: Why should I apologize?
Little Boy: Because they are our neighbors!
Mom: But I don't want to talk to them, they weren't invited to knock on our door.

After that we realized that no one was going to answer the door... It was so funny to us though. That little kid was sticking up for us! Way to go little dude. 

Friday I went on an exchange up to the Jamestown area, and I feel like everything cool happens in my area when I'm in another area! Elder Nutter got a new investigator while I was gone, so I'm excited to meet him at our next meeting on Wednesday! While I was in Jamestown, we didn't have any lessons... the people are mean over there! But the Elder that I was with Elder Cole and I got along pretty well. The next morning was very crazy though. After our studies we were planning on exchanging back at the church building at around 2. So Elder Cole and I went tracting for a little bit and we were able to help a family move some furniture! But no one really wanted to talk to us. But at 2 we drove over to the church, and then when we got there we realized that we didn't have our cell phone. It was all the way back at the apartment and that was about a 20 minute drive! So we thought we would just wait it out because that is where they were going to meet us! After about an hour we realized something was up, and we decided to go back to the apartment. We checked the phone and we had like 7 missed calls... haha! They were trying to call us and tell us they were running later, and then they called us when they got to the church... 10 minutes after we left the church building. If we would have just waited a little longer we would have seen them! But we finally just met up at the apartment and exchanged back. It was pretty hectic! But once we figured everything out it all worked out.

We also met another new investigator yesterday! We had a member present with us so that definitely helped. Members are ESSENTIAL to missionary work!

My ponderizing scripture for this week is Proverbs 3:5-6: "5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 
6 In all thy ways  acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."
I hope that I can put more trust into the Lord because, as a missionary I know I really can't do anything without His help! It definitely takes hard work but I'm getting better at it. I know that when we do what the Lord commands us then He will provide a way!

I hope you have a great week this week. Thank you so much for your emails every week, they are awesome to read. The Holy Ghost is definitely working through you!

I love you Mom! I'll talk to you next week. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Love your son,
Elder Collier

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