Send Jonny a Letter!

Send Jonny a letter!!

Elder Jonathan Collier
1015 Norwyk Ln.
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Monday, December 7, 2015


Hey Mom!

I ended up getting transferred this week! I was really surprised and I am kinda sad that I have to go so soon. The ward here is awesome. I love them all so much. Yesterday at Fast and Testimony meeting I was debating whether or not to get up, and then it was 10:00 so I only had 5 minutes and I decided to go bear my testimony. I told them all that I loved them and that I was getting transferred and that I would miss them. I seriously have felt the love from the people in this ward, they are just so awesome. Then when I sat down Bishop Beck got up to close the meeting and said, "Elder Collier, we were prepared to extend Sacrament Meeting 15 minutes until you got up here." Then we all laughed haha! I seriously love all the people and I am going to miss them.

This is a couple from Jonny's ward that fed him every week!

Luckily, I won't be going to far! I'm actually staying in the Stake. My new area is the Poquoson ward! (pronounced Puh-ko-sun) I'm still on the same peninsula only about 25 minutes from the Newport News 2nd Ward. My new address is 10 Willowood Dr. Apt # 101 Yorktown, VA 23693. So I am still in the same stake, but I am in a new Zone! All the other missionaries, Elder Nutter and Elders Weber and Rice are all staying though! I'm gonna miss being with them. But Elder Hailstone, who is my new companion seems really cool. He has only been out one transfer longer than me, and this is the area that he was trained in. I'm only his second companion because he was with his trainer for 3 transfers! So we are kind of "follow-up training" each other. This will be fun! I'm really excited for the new area.

I hope Skyla starts getting better soon. I keep praying for her! Tell her that I love her so much, and her letters make me laugh! And Jenni is going to do awesome in her new calling! She's going to be the best 1st Counselor ever! haha!

But this week was a really great week. The work is finally starting to pick up a bit! Plus we got a new car! A 2016 Toyota Corrolla! or however you spell that... haha! It is super nice and we got it with like 70 miles on it. But I got transferred so now I can't use it! I did get to drive it on Friday though, because I was on an exchange and I was the certified driver! I drove a new car! haha!

Jonny driving the new car!
After our Zone Meeting on Saturday, I went on an exchange with Elder Reed who is one of our Zone leaders. I was really nervous because it was in my area and I didn't want to mess things up. But the day went super well. We didn't have any lessons, but while we were biking around we offered to rake some peoples leaves, and they said they didn't need any help, so we started helping anyway! White shirt and everything. It made me feel really good to help those people, and they now have a really good experience with the Missionaries! I hope that those people we helped will want to meet with the missionaries here over the course of the next transfer! I told Elder Nutter that everyone we met is getting baptized... haha! 

Saturday night was pretty eventful! We were heading home to make dinner because no one had signed up to feed us that night, and then we got a call from a Sister in our ward who needed help moving some furniture! So we drove over there and helped her and her husband move this futon upstairs, and then some other members of the ward came and we all went and got a bedframe from another house that we moved in. I think they may have driven us out of our area.... but I'm not entirely sure.... haha! But we helped them with that, and they definitely needed our help. But then by the time we were done it was 8:30, so they just gave us a pizza. 

The Christmas Devotional was so cool, did you get a chance to watch it? Mo Tab was great as always. You should watch it when you can!

I can't believe BYU is playing Utah! And What Bronco is leaving?? That's insane! That makes me so sad... 

You got to see Teilani?? That's awesome! Did he ever get my letter that I sent him? If not, tell him that I sent one, and that I love him. 

A mission is seriously such a great thing. The best decision I've made in my life. I can personally testify of the happiness that you can have while you are out here. 

My ponderizing scripture for this week is Job 19:25 "For I know that my redeemer liveth; and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:"I just want to echo Job's testimony. The savior does live today. He leads and guides the church and I know that this is true. 

I love you so much Mom! Thank you for everything and for your emails every week. You are all the greatest family I could have ever asked for. I will talk to you next week and tell you what Poquoson is like!

Love your son,

Elder Collier

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